Sanibel Shell Show - 2012
Box made by Bill Jordan

Sadly, Bill died last year, 2017. His passing has left a huge void in the world of Sailors’ Valentines and in our hearts. His generosity, creativity, and expertise both in shell designs, and making perfect, octagonal, wood boxes to house our Sailors’ Valentines, will never be forgotten.

I was fortunate to grow up a block away from a beautiful beach area in Connecticut. Summer days were spent at the beach, swimming and collecting shells. I didn't realize then how much shells would someday influence my life.

My first awareness of Sailors’ Valentines was years ago on a visit to Nantucket. I, also, saw them on visits to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. The more I viewed them, the more I wanted one.

Being a dental hygienist and used to working in small areas, I knew with some direction I could make Sailors' Valentines, too. I have recently retired and I plan to spend more time recreating these "Treasures From The Sea".

Coming from a creative family, I’ve had my jewelry business, Ornamental Designs, for many years and I make small nautical, wall quilts. My path has again taken a turn to become a road named Sailors’ Valentine. I hope to travel on it for years to come.

I hope you’ll visit my gallery and that you’ll enjoy seeing my designs.

Lois C. Kessler