Box made by Clifton Cloud
Commemorating Guilford, Connecticut's
375th Anniversary

 "Menuncatuck" has been added to the Henry Whitfield State Museum's permanent collection. On Saturday, May 9th, 2015 at 2 PM, at The Whitfield House, in Guilford, Connecticut, a public ceremony was held to commemorate the acceptance of this Sailor's Valentine to The Henry Whitfield State Museum's permanent collection.

Sailors’ Valentines are octagonal, wood, shadow box frames housing beautiful designs created with seashells and other nautical items. Some have warm messages included in the design. Sailors’ Valentines created today are recreations of an art which started in Barbados in the mid 1800’s.

They were popular with British and American sailors who purchased them as gifts. Many were given to loved ones, thus they became known as Sailors’ Valentines. Originals are rare and expensive, some worth thousands of dollars. They are found in private collections and museums in Britain and the United States.

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